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“To play without passion is inexcusable!” Ludwig von Beethoven

Our Teaching Philosophy

At the Elite Music Academy, we specialize in teaching both the students who wish to study music avocationally, as well as those who wish to make music their profession. Our primary emphasis is given to the development of proper technique and musicianship, when studying any instrument. All of our teachers are classically trained, and while we believe that learning music should be an enjoyable process, we try to instill an understanding in all students, from the very beginning, that in order to succeed in learning any instrument, one must realize that it requires serious practice on the part of the student, as well as the help of a parent in case of a younger student. Our goal is not just to teach a student how to play the instrument, but how to create music, something that is much more difficult, but also a great deal more valuable. In addition to private instruction in a chosen instrument, we encourage all students to supplement their lessons with study of theory and solfeggio, which enables the students to learn and understand music on a much deeper level, and makes them well-rounded musicians. We also advocate more advanced students to participate in various ensembles offered to both instrumentalists and vocalists. Our first step is to meet with each student, in order to best determine who would be the most appropriate teacher for that particular student.

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